Lustrous Baby Cot Sheet

Lustrous Baby Cot Sheet

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Best quality, 100% 6A strand, 22 momme Mulberry silk cot/crib fitted sheet.

Cherish your precious little one by providing the most comfortable sleep with silk.
Some benefits include:-

- Hypoallergenic for easier breathing
- Dust mite resistant
- Protection of their delicate skin, combating irritation
- Temperature regulating, so it's cool in summer and cosy in winter
- Less friction reduces baby bed hair and bald spots

We use the highest quality silk available, 6A long strand Mulberry silk. It's durable and longer lasting than most silk products on the market and is free from harmful chemicals and toxins.
The elastic all the way around the edges will hug the mattress securely for pure, smooth comfort.
Soft, safe and machine washable.