Jumbo Size Sleep Bonnet : Pink
Jumbo Size Sleep Bonnet : Pink

Jumbo Size Sleep Bonnet : Pink

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Say goodbye to split ends and frizzy hair.

Jumbo sized double layered silk hair bonnet to hold extra long and thick hair. Each silk layer is a different colour and can be worn two ways. It is naturally anti-static and keeps your locks moist.
Hair shafts remain smoother and glossier when sleeping with silk due to its non-pulling and tugging properties.
Silk does not draw moisture from you hair, so when you use treatments, they are absorbed by you hair and not your pillowcase.
You will notice less breakage and split ends.
Extend and protect newly styled hair.
Reduce the need for frequent washing of your hair. Protect your hair and reduce hair loss.
Silk is a natural temperature regulator, it doesn't cause sweating like polyester satin does.
So many great benefits in silk headwear!